About Us


It was after a lot of deliberation that we settled on the name Rithu meaning “Seasons” in Sanskrit. Each season brings with it elation and aspirations, the joyful exhilaration as the first monsoon showers hit the earth after the dry summer season, the joyous festivities that accompany the harvest festivals and the colorful attire of the festive season changes around the year! Each season brings with it hope, joys abound and determination to make the best of what it brings its way. We thought it aptly describes the concept behind the company! We hope to show you our country all around the year as there is something or the other that will fascinate you!


Interestingly Rithu also means ‘seasons’ in many Indian languages including Malayalam the language spoken in Kerala. Our logo reflects this, it says Rithu in our own language which strongly sets our roots in Kerala. Malayalam has a lovely script with round flowing alphabets and is also one of the most difficult languages to master as visitors who have tried to master it confess! The stamp in which the logo is endorsed is one of the most essential travel accessories that travels across all borders and is used by one and all irrespective of where they are or their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We at Rithu hope to help one and all in your own individual journeys of discovery and to unravel the mind, body and soul of our fascinating country!

Rithu Destination Management Company is a Kerala Travel Agent based in the historic posrt city of Kochi. What started from the inspiration of a group of travel professionals who have been in the travel trade for over a couple of decades Rithu DMC is now one of Kerala leading Travel Agents. At Rithu we specializes in cultural, wildlife and adventure tours, with our main strength in tailor-made itineraries.  We are committed in providing high quality vacations in Kerala and Southern India at a reasonable prices, backed by a strong knowledge of the destination. We are one of the most innovative and knowledgeable specialist tour operator in Kerala. Our expertise acquired through working, escorting and researching the areas that we operate to, is unmatched. We are committed to quality, passionate about our destinations, listen to the needs of our clients and value their comments and suggestions and last but not the least, offer a competitive price!We offer both regular holidays and tailor-made trips with an emphasis on places off the beaten track, jungle safaris, real travel experiences. Whatever your interests might be, our team has the knowledge and experience to create just the holiday you are looking for...

We look forward to hearing from you on info@rithudmc.com 

Responsible Tourism and Our Responsibility

We are local and all the people that we employ come from the local community. The people who look after you on your visits to places off the beaten track like the far flung tea estates and remote places are either from the local community or from nearby places. They have been trained by us so they know what is expected of them and in return benefit from your visit. The money that you contribute directly goes into the community and also gives a positive outlook on tourism and an incentive to maintaining these fragile environments.

We usually suggest properties that as smaller, tastefully done and comfortable for the tours. These are mostly family run or practice Responsible Tourism principles and are eco-friendly. Unless of-course you specifically ask to stay in larger resorts or hotels! We use a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and will be happy to point out the properties that we know are more aware of the environment, employ from the local community and most importantly offer you a great experience!

While on treks and visits to any of the wildlife sanctuaries we make sure that we do not leave any litter behind and in fact do conduct awareness classes for staff on ways to minimise our impact on the these fragile environment. We take special care to make sure that our visits in no way affects the normal way of life of the people living in the communities and do not impact the flora and fauna of these often fragile ecosystems.

We also try and revive some of the local art and dance forms of Kerala so the artisans and performers can eke a livelihood and in turn ensure that the rich and often forgotten culture is kept alive. The stationary that we use are using recycled material. We support a couple of local charities and the printing and the stationary are done by them.

It is our promise that the all people involved in the smooth functioning of your holiday get their fair share!