Philipkutty's Farm

Philipkutty’s Farm is located on an island in the village of Vechur in the heart of the backwaters of Kumarakom. The hosts, Anne and her family have lived here for decades and have farmed the land. Your privacy is assured as the waterfront villas are entirely independent and away from the family residence. This is a great place to experience life on the backwaters in comfort. The working farm, which practices sustainable / organic methods of farming, is two metres below the lake level and has coconut, toddy, nutmeg, banana, cocoa and pepper cultivation not to forget the jumbo prawn (scampi) and karimeen (pearlspot) found in some of the farm canals. Though accessible by road (up to the opposite bank), it is the ‘vallam’ (countryboat) that will finally take you across. The food here is mostly local with a strong backwater influence. With the warm and generous hospitality and these delightful, mouth watering, home made dishes; the entire experience is worth reliving over and over again. For the adventurous, drinking Toddy (it is the fermented sap of the coconut tree - a kind of country liquor) is a must.


Contact Info

39/1660A, First Floor, Alappat Cross Road, Cochin 682015


+91 484 2664107